Sexyy Red Had A Baby While Drake and SZA Party In ‘Rich Baby Daddy’ Video

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Sexyy Red has revealed that her labor pains for her second child started during her video shoot for her song “Rich Baby Daddy,” which features her and Drake as parents.

The video for the song was released on February 14th, revealing the two talking about her water breaking and her telling Drake to call for help. “Drake! My water just broke,” Sexyy Red says to him. “For real?” Drake asks while Sexyy asks, “What am I supposed to do?”

The video is shot and edited to give a VHS or home video feeling. Drake appears to be a suburban father washing dishes when Sexyy calls for help. SZA also makes a guest appearance as she tries to rustle up the crew to go to the hospital.

“Are you dumb?” she asks Drake, who explains that he’s trying to capture the moment and preserve it for posterity.

The trio rush to the hospital, with Drake helping Sexyy out of the SUV and walking her into the hospital’s emergency room while SZA follows close behind. Drake appears excited at the entire thing as SZA wheels in Sexyy.

According to Rolling Stone, the video is directed by Drake. It’s unclear if the video is from the actual day Sexyy went into labor, as she revealed earlier this month that she recently gave birth to her second child.

The video begins with Drake on his home camera saying that he “finally made it out the hood” as he checks out his modest Honda car before saying hi to his fellow suburban neighbor.

Drake is portrayed as a proud father-to-be who beams at a pregnant Sexyy Red. “I still got some lov? deep inside of me/Please drag it out of me/You just might, just might get that G-Wagon out of me,” Drake raps.

The “Rich Baby Daddy” video comes on Drake’s For All the Dogs album, released late last year. The Billboard No. 1 song is one of the rapper’s most popular songs on the current album.