Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew and Delegation to attend Grenada’s 50th Independence Celebrations

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

Prime Minister Dr. Terrnace M. Drew, along with Cabinet Secretary Dr. Marcus Natta and Ambassador to OECS and CARICOM for Saint Kitts and Nevis Larry Vaughan, on Tuesday travelled to Grenada to participate in the country’s 50th Independence celebrations.

Grenada is commemorating its 50th Independence Anniversary under the theme “One People, One Journey, One Future”, highlighting the unity and collective aspirations of its citizens.

The delegation will return to the Federation on February 8, after attending several significant events as part of Grenada’s milestone celebration.

On February 6 Grenada’s Foreign Affairs Minister hosted the prestigious 50th Anniversary Of Independence Foreign Minister’s Reception, inviting distinguished guests and visiting dignitaries from around the world to join in the festivities.

The delegation will continue its participation on February 7, witnessing the culmination of Grenada’s Golden Jubilee celebrations at the National Stadium. The day will feature a Grand military parade, rally, cultural extravaganza, and the All-Things Grenada Expo. It promises to be a vibrant display of parades and cultural presentations echoing Grenada’s rich heritage and the resilient spirit of its people.

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