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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Mar. 21, 2024: Grammy-winning, Jamaican-born reggae legend, Shaggy, and East African sensation Bruce Melodie, recently took New York City by storm with their electrifying national TV debut on “Good Morning America” and “Live with Kelly & Mark,” performing their hit “When She’s Around (Funga Macho).

Grammy-winning, Jamaican-born reggae legend, Shaggy, r., and East African sensation Bruce Melodie, l.

Their appearance, which marks a significant milestone in their collaboration, has already captivated audiences worldwide, amassing over 120 million views across social media platforms. Following their TV debut, the pair engaged with the NYC radio community, sharing insights on their dynamic partnership and the success of their genre-blending hit.

This track has not only achieved streaming milestones but also signaled a broader cultural resonance, underscored by nearly 150,000 Shazam tags. Amidst this buzz, Shaggy reflected on his journey in an intimate “Nightline” interview, adding depth to their week-long media tour.

Their collaboration, which debuted at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concerts, continues to draw acclaim, setting the stage for Melodie’s upcoming music releases and a much-anticipated European tour. This collaboration between Shaggy, with his storied career and diamond-selling status, and Melodie, a multifaceted artist making waves across the African music scene, highlights a confluence of talent and cultural exchange that promises to redefine musical boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

See the GMA performance HERE