Jamaican chef arrested for allegedly stealing cellphone at restaurant in BVI

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

A Jamaican chef was recently arrested by the police in the British Virgin Islands for allegedly stealing a cell phone that belonged to a customer who visited the restaurant where he worked.

According to police reports, the victim purchased food at the restaurant but later realised that his cell phone was missing. He returned to the restaurant to search for the device but did not find it.

It’s alleged that the victim then used tracking features to locate the cellphone and the results revealed that the device was at the restaurant.

After being alerted, the police then went to the restaurant and requested CCTV footage from the operators. The footage allegedly showed that the 42-year-old Jamaican chef at the restaurant had removed the cell phone the customer left on the counter.

The chef was later arrested and charged with theft.

Following this incident and with an increase in theft across the territory, the authorities have urged businesses and residents to install CCTV cameras as they have proven to be a vital resource in fighting crime.

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