DJ Akademiks Apologize To Reginae Carter, T.I. And Toya Johnson Speak Out

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DJ Akademiks apologize to Reginae Carter for calling her a b**** after T.I. and Toya Johnson called him out.

DJ Akademiks stepped on a lot of toes, but he has hardly been checked seriously until now after he made disparaging comments about Lil Wayne’s daughter Reginae Carter in a rant on his podcast. In a sit down with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy on The Breakfast Club, AK apologize for calling her the “B” word but says he is not apologizing for using the word as a whole because rappers are constantly using it.

Akademiks is known for his controversial actions that are often directed towards women. Some of his most disgusting moments, which he tries to spin as being controversial, have been directed at the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, Ari Fletcher, Cardi B, and even Nicki Minaj.

While many of those personalities have ignored DJ Akademiks, it seems that his obsession with women’s business has crossed the line as rapper T.I. and Reginae Carter’s mother Toya Johnson make it clear that he was out of pocket for his comments on Reginae’s past and present relationships.

Over the weekend, a clip from his podcast had the rapper incorporating funny voices while speaking about Reginae and her new relationship.

“Reginae loved hood n***gas, she love YFN Lucci, that was her n***a. Everything was all good with them until she realised n****ga caught a RICO, she seen that murder charge on it, I’ve never seen a chick quickly, Reginae is seeing someone name Armon, I don’t even know who that n****a is, She even downgraded like… she don’t even like thugs anymore,” he said in a clip.

“She got with a n***a who look more feminine than her…she got with a n****a who is like the opposite of gangster, who she can do guessing games,” he said before adding, “You know these b*tches– let me not call her a b*tch. These chicks love a hood n*gga until he’s facing 25 to life,” he said.

Reginae’s mother and businesswoman, Toya Wright Johnson, who is also the ex-wife of Young Money rapper Lil Wayne called out Akademiks for disrespecting her daughter.

“Keep my daughter name out your mouth,” Toya said. Clout chasing is at an all time high. Let her live her 23 yr old life.”

Johnson also addressed him, calling the young lady out of her name. Reginae’s uncle T.I. also called out Akademiks for the remark.

“I would love to have a work with Akademiks, I got to put a call out to him. Hopefully, we can communicate our way through a positive resolution. But Reginae under the umbrella, she covered. I would love to have a word to see if we cn communicate ourselves to a position resolution cause certain sh*t is avoidable, it’s not worth the trouble,” T.I said in a video.

He also shared a caption for the video, making it clear that his niece was not to be played with. The rapper says he has been trying to reach Akademiks by phone and text but has been unsuccessful.

“[Akademiks] Please find the time to Get wit me … I’d love to chat about the remarks you made about my niece. @itsreginaecarter Let’s exchange perspectives…man to man & see if you depart with the same conclusion. She was raised by a village who loves and protects her wit all our physical and spiritual abilities… She is MY business. Hence why I’d love to handle the matter privately (which is why I been calling & txtn’trying to speak with you)… Looking forward to the opportunity to get together SOON. Thx in advance.”

Akademiks has not responded to T.I. or Toya Johnson.