Caribbean Travel News

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 30, 2022: Here are the top stories making Caribbean travel news in 60 seconds for this week ending Sept. 30, 2022:

Canada is warning nationals in a new travel advisory, to exercise a high degree of caution if travelling to The Bahamas, Belize, The Dominican Republic, Guyana and Jamaica due to the high level of violent crime in all five countries.

As Puerto Rico Tries to recover from the assault by Hurricane Fiona, Canada is warning nationals to Avoid non-essential travel there.

Bermuda has reopened for business after Hurricane Fiona hit the British Overseas Territory last week as a Category 4 hurricane.Bermuda’s hotel properties are operational and ready to welcome guests, the Bermuda Tourism Authority said, but advised travellers to contact their travel providers, local tour operators, and businesses directly to inquire about any potential changes in their operations.

Traveling to Barbados is now just as it was before the pandemic. The island has officially lifted all of its travel health restrictions. That means there are no more testing requirements for visiting Barbados, whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

The Bahamas says it will remove all mask mandates From Oct. 1st, says from October 1st, except for those accessing healthcare facilities, visiting senior care homes or in an indoor classroom setting.

Royal Caribbean has dropped its vaccine requirement for cruises to Barbados and Canada.

The Best Caribbean Restaurants have been announced by TripAdvisor for 2022. The top honor goes to Ocean Z Restaurant in Noord, Aruba.

And as part of National Dog Week, Aruba has launched the Have Dog, Will Travel initiative in partnership with two popular pet-focused companies, Avvinue and Wag!. From September 20, 2022, through October 2022, travelers can book pet-friendly travel through Avvinue and enter the promo code “ARUBA” at checkout for a $25 discount on upcoming flights for themselves and their four-legged friends.