Caribbean Trade Mission Trip To China Planned

The Chinese panel at the 2013 Avalon Invest Caribbean Now forum on June 5 in NYC. (Hayden Roger Celestin image)

The Chinese panel at the 2013 Avalon Invest Caribbean Now forum on June 5 in NYC. (Hayden Roger Celestin image)

CaribPR Wire, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 12, 2013: Caribbean governments and top private sector executives in the tourism and investment sectors are being urged to participate in a 10-day trade mission to four top cities in China, set for this September 14th-23rd.

The trip comes on the heels of the June 5th Avalon Invest Caribbean Now Forum in New York City and is being planned by Peter Zhang and Li Li of the Chinese American Business Development Center, in collaboration with Hard Beat Communications’ CMO, Felicia Persaud.

CABC has been leading trade missions for U.S. companies to China for the past 10 years while Hard Beat’s Invest Caribbean Now forum is in its third year.

The planned trip to Beijing, Shannxi , Zhejiang and Guangdong comes on the heels of Chinese President’s Xi Jinping first visit to the Caribbean island of Trinidad on May 31st and his pledge of more than $3 billion in loans to 10 Caribbean nations and Costa Rica on June 2nd.

The 2013 Caribbean/China Trade Mission is designed to help Caribbean premiers, ministers of governments, investment agencies and C-level private sector business leaders, meet with top Chinese officials from varied ministries, such as tourism and finance as well as  C-level company execs  including from the China Import Export Bank, to: promote  direct in country investment opportunities and company products and services; establish strategic connections, strengthen existing relations, explore opportunities for joint ventures, source potential suppliers and extend friendships and create relationships for return visits to the  Caribbean region.

The Mission will provide Caribbean governments and business leaders’ new access and close-up insight into the dynamic Chinese market— including its scale, diversity and potential.

Consequently,  the Chinese ministry and private sector executives will  be able to enhance  and expand business and investments to the Caribbean in their quest to  compete effectively in today’s global marketplace.

China’s 1.3 billion people are rapidly gaining purchasing power. In fact, by 2020, China will surpass the U.S. in middle class consumption. And as quickly as China is emerging as a new market for Caribbean real estate and products like tourism.

For event details and participation in the trip contact Felicia Persaud at [email protected].