Invest Caribbean Now Partners To Expand Capital Access To Diaspora Businesses


Part of the audience at ICN 2015. (ICN image)

Part of the audience at ICN 2015. (ICN image)

CaribPR Wire, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 30, 2015:  Access to capital is critical to the growth of small businesses, whether in the Caribbean/Latin America US Diaspora or Canada and often many have nowhere to turn.

But true to its goal of wealth building for the region and its Diasporas, Invest Caribbean Now, the global private sector Caribbean investment agency, has teamed with several US-based organizations to expand capital access to small to medium Caribbean and Hispanic-owned enterprises in the US and Canadians Diaspora.

ICN is partnering with two top organizations to offer cash advances to existing micro-enterprises as well as low interest loans and lines of credit of between US$5,000 to $250,000 to small to medium-sized businesses.

“We are thrilled to fulfil phase one of our 2014 goal of helping to provide access to capital for Caribbean and Hispanic-owned Diaspora Enterprises,” said ICN founder Felicia J. Persaud. “Partnerships are key to our success and we continue to build this with this new service. Now it gives me hope that one day we will also be able to do this for SME’s across the Caribbean region.”

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Invest Caribbean Now (ICN) is the definitive private sector investment agency of the Caribbean. It is based in America’s financial capital of the world, New York City. Now in its fifth year, ICN is the brainchild of Caribbean-born media entrepreneur, Felicia J. Persaud and is owned by Hard Beat Communications, Inc.

Invest Caribbean Now promotes and pushes for the right investment opportunities in the Caribbean region; offers a concierge service for high end investors seeking to make the right connection with key opportunities, governments and other parties in any Caribbean destination and connects small entrepreneurs in the Diaspora with SME loans and cash advances.


SOURCE: Invest Caribbean Now


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Invest Caribbean Now

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