Haiti Top 100 Nonprofit Directory Aims to Increase Giving and Saving Lives in the Wake of the Haiti Earthquake: www.haitiearthquakemagazine.com

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Haiti Earthquake Magazine today announced the release of the Haiti Top 10 Nonprofit Directory and the Haiti Top 100 Nonprofit Directory of organizations supporting the people of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake. The Top 10 and Top 100 web-based directories provide three vital pieces of information about each nonprofit: (a) summary information about the organization’s response to the Haiti earthquake to date and its history of operations in Haiti, (b) donation information including phone, address and web site, and SMS giving information, and (c) detailed news updates about ongoing efforts of each nonprofit in Haiti.

Haiti Top 10 Directory and Haiti Top 100 Directory.

Nonprofits in the Top 10 and Top 100 directories were selected by Haiti Earthquake Magazine based on their credibility, reputation and demonstrated track record of aid effectiveness. The nonprofits included in the Haiti Top 10 Directory of organizations responding to the Haiti earthquake include (in alphabetical order) (1) CARE, (2) the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, (3) Doctors Without Borders, (4) Oxfam, (5) the Red Cross, (6) Save the Children, (7) UNICEF, (8) the UN Foundation (on behalf of the United Nations), (9) the World Food Programme, and (10) Yele Haiti. To encourage your readers to read updated information about these nonprofits, increase their giving and save lives, please insert the following link on your site: www.haitiearthquakemagazine.com/top10. To include the Haiti Top 100 Directory, please insert this link on your site: http://www.haitiearthquakemagazine.com/top100

 Increasing Giving and Saving Lives By Providing Accurate and Breaking News about Nonprofits Active in Haiti

The Top 100 internet-based directory is intended to provide citizens with comprehensive, fact-based and up-to-the minute information about each nonprofit. “The sheer magnitude of the humanitarian tragedy and the immense diversity of nonprofits active in Haiti make it a daunting task for individuals to choose a nonprofit to make a donation to,” said Catherine Zhang, publisher of Haiti Earthquake Magazine. Catherine Zhang added: “The magnitude of the challenge in Haiti requires scalability in order to save lives – I am a finance person and I know that money is a big part of this equation. We therefore want to expand the number of people giving to the people of Haiti – and increase the amount donated by each person. I believe that a combination of accurate, fact-based and breaking news about the heroic humanitarian work performed by the nonprofits that are active in Haiti will cut through the confusion, increase donations and contribute to saving lives.”

 Haiti Earthquake Magazine is continuously updating the Haiti Top 100 Directory and welcomes updates from nonprofits on their latest activities in Haiti.

 About Haiti Earthquake Magazine (www.haitiearthquakemagazine.com):

The mission of Haiti Earthquake Magazine is to contribute to saving lives and solving the humanitarian crisis arising from the Haiti earthquake by serving as the one-stop information source for the Haiti earthquake. We do this by providing breaking news coverage and connecting you with opportunities to make a real difference through donations to and volunteering with the world’s most effective organizations involved in the Haiti earthquake. Haiti Earthquake Magazine invites you to make a difference in the lives of the people of Haiti by staying informed daily and donating money — and volunteering if your time and resources allow you to do so. PR Newswire is a Gold Sponsor of Haiti Earthquake Magazine. This press release has been distributed free of charge by PR Newswire.

 Photo: Photo of Catherine Zhang, Publisher, Haiti Earthquake Magazine http://www.haitiearthquakemagazine.com/contact-1