Young Thug Tells Girlfriend Mariah the Scientist ‘I Love You’ In Court

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Young Thug took a risk communicating with his girlfriend, Mariah the Scientist, on Monday as he assured her of his love.

Young Thug’s trial started last month with him and six other defendants on trial for violating Georgia’s racketeering law and running a gang in Fulton County that committed many crimes, including murder, theft, guns, drug offenses, and more.

The prosecution is accusing Thug of being the head and brain of the gang and having the other members take orders from him. Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, has put up a strong defense, asking pertinent questions about the rapper’s involvement since he is only facing one conspiracy charge and several weapons and drugs charges in a separate trial.

Despite the looming trial and possibility of being sent to jail, Thug has remained upbeat as he receives support from loved ones, including his new girlfriend, Mariah The Scientist, who has been in court almost every day of the trial.

On Monday, Mariah was spotted sitting in the pew ahead of Thug, and the rapper mouthed some important words to her.

“I love you,” Thug says as he looks at Mariah. The rapper is very quick, and it’s almost unnoticeable, except that one of the cameras in the courtroom caught it on video.

Mariah’s reaction is not immediately known, but she has declared her love and affection for the rapper on many occasions.

On Monday, she also defended the rapper who turned up to court wearing an $891 Amiri sweater with a wolf on the front. The image of the shirt immediately went viral as many thought that the rapper was trolling the prosecutor Adriane Love, who described Young Thug as the wolf leader of the pack, as she quoted from the Jungle Book during her opening statement.

However, Mariah said the rapper was not trolling and said she had bought the t-shirt more than two weeks ago before the trial had even started.

Mariah recently released her 3rd project, ‘To Be Eaten Alive’.