World Central Kitchen Mobilizes to Aid Caribbean After Hurricane Beryl

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, New York, NY, July 8, 2024: World Central Kitchen’s (WCK) Relief Team has mobilized across the Caribbean in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl, the earliest Category 5 hurricane ever recorded in the hurricane season. This violent storm hit islands in the southern Caribbean where such severe weather is uncommon. As Beryl approached, WCK teams prepositioned in Miami to quickly reach the impacted areas.

Over the past week, WCK has provided thousands of hot meals and sandwiches, hundreds of cases of water, and as much fresh fruit as possible to the hardest-hit communities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, and Jamaica. The teams have been traveling primarily by helicopter, with some aid delivered via boat to reach islands efficiently.

WCK volunteers bring relief to Petite Martinique and Carriacou. (WCK image)

Petite Martinique, GrenadaOn Petite Martinique, community members helped WCK unload food and water from helicopters, marking the first aid received since Beryl hit. The island’s port has become a central hub for distributing aid, with various boats repurposed to provide sleeping quarters and transport generators. Despite the devastation, residents have organized to help each other, with one local, Gary, cooking for about 150 neighbors using limited supplies.

Saint Vincent, Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesIn Saint Vincent, WCK collaborated with the local restaurant French Verandah to prepare sandwiches and source fruit for delivery to Union Island, which suffered significant infrastructure damage. WCK has partnered with trusted local organizations that previously supported their response to the La Soufrière volcano eruption in 2021.

Union Island, Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesUnion Island experienced an estimated 90 percent destruction of its infrastructure due to Hurricane Beryl. WCK teams used helicopters to distribute food and water across the island. Resident Martlyn, who lost everything, is evacuating to mainland Saint Vincent with her seven children, hoping to rebuild their lives.

Mayreau Island, Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesWCK also assessed the needs of Mayreau Island, a small island with about 350 residents who couldn’t evacuate ahead of the storm. WCK delivered food and connected with local police officer Isaac, who is coordinating food distribution. Plans are in place for daily deliveries of food and water.

JamaicaWCK team members in Miami prepared for Beryl’s impact on Jamaica’s south coast. The most significant damage occurred in the southeast parishes of Saint Elizabeth, Manchester, and Clarendon. Within hours of the storm, WCK provided meals with the support of local partners, including Chef Corps member Michelle Rousseau and Mark Chong’s Catering in Kingston, which sent 200 hot meals to a community center in Mandeville.

In the coming days, WCK teams will streamline deliveries to island communities, determine aid requirements, and establish partnerships with local restaurants and producers to scale up their relief efforts.

For continued updates and to support WCK’s ongoing efforts, visit their official website.

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