TODSS wants answers after ‘passionate’ Transport Authority MD resigns Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

An already tense calm between the government and the transport sector over a sought-after traffic ticket amnesty has come under more strain with the departure of Willard Hylton as managing director of the Transport Authority.

One representative for the transport operators has outright asked Transport Minister Audley Shaw to answer some questions about the departure.

“The Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) is calling on the Minister of Transport and Mining Hon Audley Shaw to tell the Island public transport sector why Mr Willard Hylton has not renewed his contract at the Transport Authority,” President Egerton Newman demanded.

Newman told Loop News that Hylton had an open-door policy towards transport operators.

“He is passionate about his job, and we see where he was making a difference. It used to take us months of writing letters and calling the Transport Authority to set up a meeting to discuss issues in the sector. With Mr Hylton, in a matter of hours of making contact we would have meetings scheduled,” he said.

Newman said Hylton kept in constant contact with the players in the industry, even going as far as hosting summits with stakeholders in the sector to improve it.

“He made us know our worth, and they have to explain why he is gone,” Newman said.

A press release from TODSS said it wants to know if Minister Audley Shaw has ever spoken to Hylton since he took responsibility for the Ministry of Transport in January of 2022, as well as if he has met with the over 400 staff members at the Transport Authority.

TODSS also wants to know who is now the head of the Transport Authority.