Ten senior kings, queens move on to finals

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Ted Eustace portrays El Conquistador at National Carnival Commission Senior King of Carnival preliminaries at Queen’s Park Savannah on February 9, 2023. – Photo by Andrea De Silva

The top ten kings and queens of Carnival move on to the grand finals on Dimanche Gras at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Sunday.

Veteran mas man Ted Eustace leads the charge for the kings, with his costume The Conquistador placing first with 403 points. His black, red, and silver costume with skulls and serpents told the story of conquistadors who were tricked into giving up their souls to achieve a victory.

Second place was taken by Kyle Anthony Matas’ Creatio Ex Nihlo – The Eternal Source of Light Divine (Tribute to Dennis Matas), with 399 points. His moko jumbie costume was surrounded by fluorescent lights and large sequins, and had moving parts which spun independently of each other.

Third place went to Joel Lewis’ Waterfall Oracle, a white moko jumbie with a silver headpiece and wings, based on Wilson Harris’ novel Carnival. This portrayal netted 394 points.

Among the queens, reigning queen Shynel Brizan took first place with her portrayal Aimee A Dancer of Freedom’s Cousinship to Epitaphs of Fate, a moko jumbie clad in a flamelike costume dancing in a nightclub. She was awarded 423 points.

Second place went to Dana Rampersad’s For the Love of TT – A Tribute to TT, which featured scarlet ibises and chaconia in a 30 foot high presentation which showcased the vibrancy of the people of TT.

In third place with 388 points was Marie Eligon’s Cleansing Fire, whose white dove-like wings with red, gold, and blue swirls, represented the African Baptist fire which was used to pray for peace in TT.

Shynel Brizan portrays Aimee, A Dancer of Freedom’s Cousinship and Epitaphs at the Senior Queen of Carnival semi-finals at Queen’s Park Savannah, February 15, 2023. – Photo by Andrea De Silva

Top ten Kings:

Name – Portrayal – Band – Final Score

Ted Eustace -ElConquistador – Breakaway Beats -403

Kyle Anthony Matas -CreatioExNihilo– The Eternal Source of Light Divine – Cyber Nation -399

Joel Lewis -WaterfallOracle – Carnival -394

Joseph Lewis -Udeveli Oluhlaza – The Haunted Jab of Canboulay – Wonders of this World –A Tribute to TT -390

Marlon Rampersad -Hades, King of the Underworld – Ancient Times -389

Russell Grant -The Resurrection Mule – Carnival -386

Ronald Barney Blaize -Legacy of the Mighty Spartans – A Tik Tok Affair -376

Raymond Mark -The Feathered Serpent Creature Ku Kul Kan – Mythical Creatures -376

Ravi Lakhan -Tribute – Jesters of the Tainted Past – Wonders of this World – A Tribute to TT -376

Tekel Sylvan -Believe It Or Not They Are Here – Betwix and Between375

Top ten Queens:

Shynel Brizan -Aimee A Dancer of Freedom’s Cousinship to Epitaphs of Fate – Carnival -423

Dana Rampersad -For the Love of TT – Wonders of this World – A Tribute to TT -415

Marie Eligon -Cleansing Fire – Limbo -388

Savitri Holassie -Masquerade – The Hidden Beauty – Wonders of this World – A Tribute to TT -387

Laura Rampersad -Athena Goddess of War and Wisdom – Ancient Times -387

Takeyah Fletcher Marshall -The Spirit of Carnival – Tribute to Roland St George – Lovin D Mas -376

Nisu Nathu Hari -Khione: Winter’s Enchantress – Ascendance: A Journey Through Time -374

Priya Nagassar -The Mother of All Carnivals – Celebrations – Celebration of Our People -369

Krystal Thomas -Sa Sa Yea – Breakaway Beats -367

Ruth Adams Mendez -The Emergence of the Maraval Lily – Reconte-Moi Une Histoire (Tell Me A Story) -363