Savor the Taste of the Caribbean at Lenox Restaurant

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

News Americas, SEATTLE, Washington, Fri. Feb. 23, 2024: Caribbean heritage chef Jhonny Reyes, with nearly two decades of experience in the culinary world, has always aimed high in his career, seeking more than just working for others. As he puts it to Eater Seattle, the journey is about “creating a space where you’re the boss.” This spring, Reyes takes a bold step forward, opening his restaurant, Lenox, in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown, where the Jerk Shack once stood.

Caribbean heritage Chef Johnny Reyes

At Lenox, Reyes infuses his Puerto Rican heritage and New York experience into a menu that celebrates a blend of Nuyorican and Caribbean flavors. His pop-up, also named Lenox, gave a glimpse into his creative culinary world, offering dishes like ropa vieja reimagined with smoked brisket and a Caribbean twist on the fried chicken sandwich. Local Seattle ingredients add a Pacific Northwest flair, like using Q Bakery’s banh mi bread for a Cuban sandwich that nods to the traditional Cuban water bread.

Reyes’s path to Lenox has been filled with notable experiences, from his time at the acclaimed JuneBaby to overcoming the hurdles of the pandemic and significant industry shifts. His resilience and innovation have even led him to win on Food Network’s Chopped and to participate in Alex vs. America.

With an expected opening in mid-May, Reyes is eager to showcase his full culinary vision at Lenox, featuring smoked meats, wood-fired dishes, a curated cocktail menu, and a diverse array of plated offerings. He aims to create a dining experience that resonates with Seattle’s food enthusiasts.

Located at 2510 First Avenue in Belltown, Lenox represents more than a restaurant for Reyes; it’s the realization of a dream where his culinary roots and innovative ideas can flourish. Follow Lenox on Instagram for the latest updates and prepare to experience Reyes’s passion for food in every dish.