Sagicor helps to improve literacy at Gordon Greenidge Primary Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Gordon Greenidge Primary School has received a much-needed donation to bolster the capacity of its Reading Programme and improve their literary competency, thanks to Sagicor.

The leading financial solutions provider purchased and donated a printer, in addition to a significant supply of toner, to assist with the expansion of the school’s “Reading A-Z” programme. Principal, Mary Archer welcomed the donation, noting that such generosity by members of corporate Barbados, is an investment in the future of our nation.

In reaching out to Sagicor for assistance, president of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Neilsa Armstrong-Gibbons, explained that following the pandemic it was realised that several students had fallen behind in their reading ability, relative to their expected level of competency. As a result, the school introduced the “Reading A-Z” programme, an award-winning online programme with over 1,000 levelled books of multiple genres and formats to meet the needs of each student.

Teacher-in-charge of the programme, Sandra Clarke-Greaves, said it has already yielded some success, having been embraced enthusiastically by the students. She noted however, that one of the main challenges they face, relates to their limited ability to consistently print reading material for the programme.” This timely donation by Sagicor allows us to increase the resources that can help reap benefit for the programme, thereby increasing our students’ ability to reach their potential.”

Paul Inniss, executive vice president and general manager with Sagicor Life Inc, said this is the latest in a series of donations made by the company to schools and other organisations, in an effort to foster the growth and development of Barbados’ youth.

“We understand that educational institutions operate on a very limited budget, which is why the assistance of corporate Barbados is critical to providing students with the best possible resources and environment to facilitate learning. Over the past few years, we have made several donations to organisations and institutions with this goal in mind, most recently providing computer systems to the Babb’s Reading Clinic.”

Earlier this year, the company donated similar systems to the rehabilitation programmes at Verdun and Marina Houses, to assist with the successful rehabilitation and reintegration into society of individuals struggling with mental health and addiction challenges, through structured programmes aimed at developing life skills and providing the tools necessary to earn a living and navigate real life challenges.

Since 2020, Sagicor and its Tech Support team have made several other similar donations, with recipients including the Optimist Club, the Unborn Justice organisation and the St. Leonard’s Boys School Music Lab.