Rvssian Not Interested In Working With Alkaline: ‘Mi good ova yah so’

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

A Rvssian and Alkaline collaboration likely will not happen anytime soon.

Dancehall super-producer Rvssian is making waves with his latest interview with Questimes, and the interviewer is asking all the tough questions that dancehall fans want to hear. During his interview, the Dutty Money Riddim producer was asked whether he would work with dancehall artiste Alkaline, and he seemingly shades the artiste while shooting down the idea.

Alkaline emerged as an artiste around 2015 before launching a successful full-fledged career that sees him performing worldwide and appearing as a model for Givenchy.

The artiste’s break-out story sees him rising without any endorsement from the King at the time- Vybz Kartel, someone Alkaline’s Vendetta fans dared to try beef with as they viewed the “Champion Boy” as a younger and viable competition to Vybz Kartel who seemingly held a monopoly on dancehall for years.

Alkaline / New Era

Over the years, Alkaline has moved abroad and is one of the few artists who have owned his publishing and stays in his lane. Despite that, Rvssian, who came to fame for his association with Vybz Kartel, says he’s not interested in collaborating with the “Formula” artiste.

“If I would work with Alkaline? Uhh no you know. Mi good ova yah so,” Rvssian said.

Since the artiste first came on the scene, Rvssian has been beefing with Alkaline by association. In 2017, Alkaline seemingly dissed Tony Matterhorn after he played a Vybz Kartel song at his birthday party in Fort Lauderdale.

Kartel later called out the “Ocean” artiste for being a “copycat” on Instagram.

“How does it feel being labelled a photo copy artiste? Guess i’ll never know, DWFL!!!!,” Kartel had updated his Instagram to read.

He later released a Rvssian collaboration, “Kremlin,” on the producer’s Moscow riddim, where the “Bicycle Ride” artiste sent shots at Alkaline that he should pay him for biting his style.

“Who borrow me style fi know say dem owe me pon the loan / We a mega star, so everything we do it haffi show,” Kartel deejayed.

Alkaline has not addressed Rvssian’s comment but his Vendetta fans are going off on the producer. “Detta no need no hype off a Rvssian, every other artist need that but Alka in a different league,” one fan said.