Rousillac mechanic offers free car repairs to flood victims

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Thirty-five-year-old Rasheed Mohammed knows the stress and financial burden associated with being flooded out all too well, as he experienced it several years ago.

It is because of this that the Rousillac mechanic is offering free repair services to drivers whose vehicles were badly damaged during the last few weeks of bad weather.

TT recently experienced yellow and orange-level adverse weather and flooding which caused hundreds of landslips and marooned people in their homes, among other things.

Mohammed posted on his business’s Facebook page – Real Monstarz Garage – on Thursday: “Fixing flood victims cars for free once you can’t afford it.” Many people commented and shared the post, praising him for his kindness.

The garage is at Farm Road, Aripero Village, Rousillac.

Mohammed told Newsday he has been a mechanic for 11 years and, “As a garage man, knowing all the time and effort you spend behind your car, behind your engine, the kind of money you spend behind it to get this kind of loss now…

“Times right now real hard.”

He said he is willing to offer electrical assessments, cleaning services, oil changes, engine checks and repairs and even give a free analysis to determine what’s fixable in the affected vehicles if the owners are uncertain.

“I watching some videos this morning with people and their nice engines and their nice cars they (recently) fixed up, and it’s drenched in water.

“I know how hard that is. You have to jump out with more money now to pay a mechanic to go and fix it. And if somebody can’t really afford, the least I could do is help with the labour.”

He added that he has “a lot of (car) parts” in his garage and is even willing to donate some small items such as fuses, fuse boxes, filters and sensors. If the owner of the vehicle has a new engine they’d like to be installed, he said he would also do that for free.

He can be contacted at 780-1826.