RNC Lauds Caribbean American Heritage Month


CaribWorldNews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Tues. June 16, 2009: Under Republican President George W. Bush, Caribbean American Heritage Month became a reality. Now the Republican National Committee is lauding the month.

The RNC Coalitions  on Monday released a statement lauding  `the many ways Caribbean Americans have contributed to the foundation of our society through academics, art, business, entertainment, education, economics, and politics.`

`We also celebrate the continued migration of Caribbean Americans to the United States,` said the Party. `Last year alone, 131,935 first generation Caribbean migrants took the U.S. citizenship oath compared to just 68,577 in 2007 and 90,979 in 2006.`

The GOP, added the statement sent to CWNN, `is proud of the diversity of our shared experiences and the bright future set forth for everyone here in this great country.`

Caribbean Heritage Month has fast become more of a celebration for Caribbean nationals than for all Americans. In fact, most of the mainstream media have so far ignored the month, unlike other heritage months while the White House has so far only issued a proclamation and unlike under the Bush administration, has not indicated any other plans to laud the month so far.

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