Rising Caribbean young politicians signal a new era of Caribbean integration

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

Young Caribbean politicians are advocating for greater regional integration, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and unity to drive collective progress.

The rising voices of politicians such as Senator Barry N. Griffin (Progressive Liberal Party in The Bahamas), Kyle R Knowles (Progressive National Party, Turks and Caicos Islands) Zayne Bean (Progressive Labour Party in Bermuda) and Gabriella Morris, (Opposition Senator of the Peoples’ National Party in Jamaica) are paving the way for a stronger and more interconnected Caribbean.

Griffin, reflected on his hosting of the young political leaders at the annual convention of the PLP in Nassau last week (November 9 & 10) said, “Our region has a strong history of political and social ties that have resulted in common goals and political action. I am proud to be part of a new generation of strong young leaders emerging across the region who are passionate about regionalism and deepening Caribbean integration. The future is a stronger and more integrated Caribbean. The baton has been passed to us, and we are ready to lead the way!”

Speaking on the topic, Knowles remarked, “I believe fostering greater Caribbean integration is crucial for collective progress. Young politicians play a pivotal role by bringing fresh perspectives, collaborative spirit, and innovative solutions to regional challenges.”

Morris, the youngest representative in the Jamaican Senate expressed her support for regional linkages, stating, “We take pride in witnessing and being a part of the emergence of the next generation of regional leaders and express confidence that amid the notion of youth apathy, there are some of us who choose collective change through active participation as our goal.”

The collective voices of these young Caribbean politicians is a signal that more young persons are seeking to be the change that their individual societies need which will transcend into building a stronger Caribbean Movement.

In highlighting his commitment Bean, representing PLP Bermuda said, “It is empowering to witness our comrades’ elevation from youth affiliates to elected MPs and appointed Senators, signaling our active involvement in shaping today’s and tomorrow’s politics.”

Griffin reiterated their goal of fostering greater integration, bridging gaps, and embracing a unified vision as an invitation to other young political aspirants to take the necessary steps to create a better Caribbean for future generations through participation in the political process.

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