Rihanna Jokes About Son RZA Inheriting Her Forehead, Talks A$AP Rocky As A Father

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky seem to be thriving as they stepped out for the official launch of her Fenty x Puma Creeper Phatty collaboration. The singer and beauty mogul has been with the athletic brand since 2015 when they launched the iconic creeper.

Rihanna was a good sport as she appeared at ease, sporting a fluffy purple coat and matching eyeshadows to match the latest show drop. The shows give strong football vibes, which Puma says stem from Rihanna’s love for football.

“Rihanna’s love of football, coupled with the sports’ great influence off the pitch, served as the starting point for this footwear franchise. Rihanna’s take of this classic style paves the way for a new era of sport fashion,” Puma said, adding that the new line is for the entire family as children sizes are also available.

A$AP Rocky, son RZA, and Rihanna

While speaking to Access Hollywood at the launch, Rihanna added, “The Creeper is a fan favorite and one of our bestsellers in my first partnership with Puma so coming back the second time we have to adhere to the fans requests and they’ve been requesting ever since the first one.”

Rihanna was also asked about her big pregnancy reveal during the Super Bowl, noting that her jumper couldn’t zip up, although nobody knew she was pregnant until she revealed it.

The singer also credited her team as “the best of the best” who put her production together.

As for family life, Rihanna also shared that she always hoped to be able to have children and to have them in love and “be part of a family that breaks generational curses and moves forward and do new things and raise our kids better than we’ve been raised and all the beautiful things that’s been happening.”

Rihanna also cracked a joke about her son inheriting her forehead, something fans and haters alike have teased her about.

“The only thing I imagined was probably the forehead on RZA,” she jokes. “Riot doesn’t have it. I’m like, wait, are you sure? You can’t lose this thing.”

Rihanna also gushed about her “best friend” Rocky becoming a father.

“It’s a turn on. What a leader, what a great, patient, loving [father] and my kids are obsessed with him. I’m just a background; I’m the extra,” she added, sharing that children love their dads differently, but she loves to see it.

In the meantime, Rihanna was elusive when asked about new music. “I can’t tell you everything, girl! It’s giving crystal ball,” she said.

Rihanna was also accompanied by Rocky, who was on the sidelines as she worked the red carpet, and later, they came together, holding hands and giggling together.