Rick Ross Hits Ex Tia Kemp With Cease and Desist Amid Cristina Mackey Feud

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

American rapper Rick Ross is not here for the shenanigans by his baby’s mother, Tia Kemp, and he’s issued a cease-and-desist letter after he made several disparaging allegations about him online and mocks his new girlfriend Cristina Mackey.

Kemp posted the cease and desist letter she received from attorneys of Fox Rothschild, a law firm in Georgia. Kemp was unhappy as she called out Rick Ross for instructing his lawyers to write her.

“Send DJ Envy one and All the Rappers U have BEEFED with ALSO!! Thank you!!” she wrote while tagging the attorney Leron Rogers and asking him, “Have u ever been swallowed UP? Go do a pro bono case! I’ve never heard of you!!” he wrote while insinuating that the lawyer was LGBT.

The contents of the cease and desist letter allege that Kemp’s actions caused or risk causing damage to Rick Ross’s brand.

“It has come to our attention that you are responsible for making disturbingly false and defamatory statements about our Client and his family to numerous persons and media outlets on your social media platforms. Your conduct and obsession with our client and his family have not only risen to levels of harassment but are damaging to the reputation of our Client,” the letter read.

It added, “Your repeated statements are harassing in nature and will be reported to the local authorities for further action… the statement made by you are not only false and meet the very definition of defamation but cannot be considered opinions under the factual circumstances.”

She also wrote on Instagram, “he defamed me and my family for years! F**k yall! Sue ME! I’m poor! And I got texts and dms!”

Among the alleged defamatory statements made by Kemp were that Ross’s mother had cancer and that his family gave her a pair of heels for her Christmas gift, that Ross has diabetes and keeps his medication in his “back refrigerator,” and he also has erectile dysfunction and has had to visit the doctor on many occasions while they were together.

Last week, Kemp mocked Ross’s new girlfriend, Cristina Mackey, and her taco-making skills, causing an online flare-up between the women.