Preparations pick up pace for the hosting of UN SIDS4 Conference in Antigua

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

The collective energies of a broad group of stakeholders are fully engaged in preparing Antigua and Barbuda to host the 4th United Nations Conference on Small Island States, known as SIDS4, which will take place on island from May 27 – 30 at the American University of Antigua.

The conference will bring thousands of delegates from those nations which are considered islands from across the globe to Antigua and Barbuda. They will have an opportunity to discuss among themselves and with their international partners the variety of issues that threaten their survival by virtue of their exposure to the harmful impacts of climate change, external economic shocks and burdensome debt among others.

The Antigua and Barbuda Mission in New York is the national lead in the overall organization of the event, which is held once every decade to focus on the plight of these islands. The resources of several key Ministries and agencies in Antigua and Barbuda have been activated to meticulously plan and coordinate the event, increase awareness activities, and ensure that a successful outcome to the conference is achieved.

On his most recent visit, Antigua and Barbuda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Walton Webson held meetings with Governor General Sir Rodney Williams, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Minister of Health and the Environment Sir Molwyn Joseph, Minister of Foreign Affairs EP Chet Greene and members of the team at his Ministry, Minister of Education Daryl Matthew, the National Coordinating Committee chaired by Sheila Roseau, and other key stakeholders and private sector partners. His latest round of discussions proved a valuable information sharing exercise in the exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as reviewing and providing updates on progress and challenges.

“The entire team is to be congratulated for the integral role they are playing in executing the conference. Their responsibilities are crucial as they are actively lending support to a necessary exercise in devising long-term solutions and ambitious plans to help our islands navigate an uncertain future,” stated Ambassador Webson.

“I am pleased with the progress in the construction of the conference centre at the American University of Antigua and it is truly heartening to see the immense collaboration taking place across government agencies to ensure Antigua and Barbuda hosts a major conference of this nature. On every front, from security, transportation to accommodation, we are making steady progress,” Ambassador Webson remarked.

Ambassador Webson began his visit with a round of media engagements that kicked off a campaign to sensitise members of the public about the conference and educate them on the crucial matters that will arise from the discussions.

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