Police investigating shooting at MovieTowne bar

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Black Immigrant Daily News

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Police are investigating a shooting incident which occurred at 04:30hrs today in front of Outside Bar at MovieTowne.

Investigations revealed that on the date and time mentioned, Olofie DeSantos, a 30-year-old mechanic of Bagotville, East Bank Demerara, along with Eron Baptist, a 29-year-old licensed firearm holder of a .32 Taurus pistol and the owner of a black Crown motorcar with trade plate Luminous, and his brother Errol Baptist, a businessman (who is also a licensed firearm holder of a .32 Taurus pistol), both of Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, went with the said motorcar and parked it in front of the entrance of Outside bar, blocking the entrance.

As a result, Sheldon Adams, a 41-year-old security guard employed at the said bar, went up to the driver of the car (one of the Baptist brothers) and told him that he could not park the car there and block the entrance. As a result, the Baptist brothers and Olofie exited the car and refused to move the vehicle.

One of the Baptist brothers, who had a Hennessy bottle in his hand, then dealt the security guard one lash to the left side of his face, causing him to receive injuries and collapse to the ground.

Olofie DeSantos then allegedly pulled out a handgun from the waist of his pants and discharged several rounds in the area. As a result, persons that were around, names unknown, also discharged rounds, and Olofie was shot three times (one to his lower abdomen, one to his right side chest and one to his left forearm).

He fell to the ground with the firearm, and someone took the firearm away from him. The Baptist brothers then quickly entered the car and drove away.

Olofie was picked up by persons unknown and taken to the Woodlands Hospital, while the security guard (Sheldon Adams) was also picked up by one of his co-workers and taken to the said hospital. Both men are presently seeking medical attention.

At the time, there were over 200 people at the bar. Ranks from CID headquarters processed the scene. Four .40 spent shells, six 9MM spent shells, two (2) .32 spent shells, and two warheads were found at the scene. These were marked, sealed and lodged.

The two Baptist brothers were later arrested, and their firearms, along with two magazines, one containing 12 and the other holding eight rounds, along with their firearm license, were seized and lodged. They were also swabbed for gunpowder residue. The said motor car was examined, and what appeared to be two bullet holes, one to the right side back door and one to the right side trunk, were seen. The car was also lodged.

Several persons were questioned, statements were taken, and investigations are in progress.