Northwest, northeast communities without water

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

WASA – File photo

DOZENS of communities, most in north east and north west Trinidad, may likely face extended periods without pipe-borne water, after the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) had a temporary halt in operations at a growing number of water treatment facilities.

The facilities are all fed by surface water from rivers, some of which have burst their banks over the past few days of heavy rains.

Operations are hampered when (measurement of silt and other debris in water from a river or lake) when water levels become too high.

The facilities only become properly operational when water levels normalise and they are cleared.

However, floods have accounted for only some of the disruptions.

On Sunday, WASA released an updated list of affected facilities and the areas without water or facing major shortages.

Areas in the north east region, whose treatment facilities were affected by river conditions, include Matura; Toco; Balandra; Valencia; La Pastora; Lopinot; McDavid Trace and environs; Maracas, St Joseph; Santa Rosa; Wallerfield; Malabar; El Dorado; Tacarigua; and parts of Tunapuna.

There is reduced water production in North Oropouch, owing to turbid river conditions.

In the north west, river conditions have affected facilities along the North Coast interrupting the supply to almost the entire area, as well as in upper St Ann’s.

Only one facility, at Hillsborough West, is currently out of operation, affecting Bacolet and neighbouring communities.