Montserrat police intercept boat with 19 people onboard

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

At around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, police were alerted to a small yacht in the area of the exclusion zone with a number of people on board.

The Royal Montserrat Police Marine Unit intercepted the vessel and located 19 individuals on board.

All persons were recovered safely and transported to Little Bay for processing. The group consisted of men, women and children. Joint enquiries are ongoing by the Royal Montserrat Police Service and Immigration Department to establish the facts surrounding the vessel’s arrival in Montserrat.

Human Smuggling or Trafficking exploits vulnerable people and we will work in partnership locally and regionally to safeguard victims and bring offenders involved in such criminality to justice.

If any person has any information relating to this incident please contact the Royal Montserrat Police Service.

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