Mexican embassy promotes fight against gender violence

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Photo by Grevic Alvarado

The embassy of Mexico and the Caribbean Gender Alliance (CGA) are working as a team to help eradicate violence against women and girls.

Mexican ambassador Víctor Hugo Morales indicated his country follows a committed feminist foreign policy and said the two have worked together through numerous initiatives to promote gender equality.

Morales said this commitment includes his relevant partners in Trinidad and Tobago, such as the Gender and Child Affairs division in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Morales said one of the activities to raise public awareness of violence against women and girls is a short film session at the headquarters of the diplomatic mission of Mexico in Port of Spain .

Last Tuesday, two short films were presented:Tierra andSe Llama Flor.

Morales said: “We must all promote the eradication of violence against women every day. This type of violence constitutes a serious violation of fundamental rights. Its consequences for the physical, sexual and mental health of women and girls are multiple and affect society as a whole negatively. In fact, violence against women and girls remains the most common human-rights violation in the world to this day.”

The CGA presented a short film on the value of art to create awareness and resilience, in addition to highlighting measures taken in support of protecting women and girls against violence.

“We have a mandate to continue accompanying and promoting actions in favour of gender equality, eradication of violence against women, non-discrimination against LGBT+ sectors and an end to the death penalty. So we are building alliances with various TT associations,” Morales said.