Memorial service in the US on Saturday for Trinis killed in fiery crash

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Carlina Subero-Hardin and daughters Dorietta Hardin, 17, and Ocean Hardin, 14, who all died along with Subero-Hardin’s niece Janelle Nadine Ramnarine in a car crash in Nevada, Las Vegas. –

A “celebration of life” service is being planned for Saturday in Las Vegas for the “four beautiful souls” killed in a fiery crash two weeks ago.

The victims were Trinidad-born Carlma Subero-Hardin, 53, her two daughters Dorietta Hardin, 17, and Ocean Hardin, 14, as well as Subero-Hardin’s niece Janelle Nadine Ramnarine, 38, who was on vacation.

Ramnarine, 38, the mother of three, lived at Whiteland, near Williamsville. Like Subero-Hardin, she was originally from Tabaquite.

Subero-Hardin worked as a dental assistant and had lived in the US for over 22 years. She has a surviving son, Timmy Hardin, 19.

Ramnarine’s sister told Newsday that Saturday’s service is a memorial for the four victims. They were burnt beyond recognition.

DNA testing and dental reports were used to confirm the identities of Subero-Hardin and her daughters. However, Ramnarine’s identity is still to be confirmed.

On Thursday, Ramnarine’s sister Pauline Rodriguez said, “My sister did not have dental records in the US. Her husband most likely would go abroad.”

“We would still like to have her funeral here (in TT). Although the three others were confirmed, the family is still waiting on a removal permit to get their remains.”

Saturday’s service is set for 1:30 pm in the US, 5.30 pm local time. The family would be viewing it live online.

On November 11, Ramnarine left Trinidad to visit her aunt and other relatives. The next morning, the four were heading to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) to drop off items for Timmy, a freshman.

US media outlet KRNV reported that the student was excited about their visit on Parent’s Weekend.

Nadine Ramnarine. –

Timmy reported that he had spoken to his mother the day before. She showed him the food she was cooking for him and packing his winter clothes.

Never expecting such tragedy, he kept calling them from 7 am and throughout the day, and all calls went to voicemail. He said he knew something was wrong, but his friends kept telling him that his family was probably running late.

He got the unthinkable news in the afternoon.

On Tuesday, an article by Audrey Mayer said Timmy got a “heartwarming homecoming” on his return to the university since losing his family.

The report said Hardin felt the love when he saw 70 people waiting for him at the bottom of the escalator near baggage claim.

Subero-Hardin worked in the dental clinic of Dr Gil Suarez. The report said the Hardins and the Suarezs are close family friends.

Suarez declared December 17 as Carlma’s Day Suarez. On that day, all the money from all dental work at the clinic would go toward Timmy’s education fund.