Masicka’s Girlfriend Responds To Jada Kingdom Claims About Stefflon Don

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Masicka’s girlfriend, Candace has reacted to the Jada Kingdom dissing Stefflon Don and claiming that the British-Jamaican artist gave Masicka ‘head’ for their collaboration.

The Collab, “Moments”, was one of the biggest songs released in 2022, and it’s easy to see why because it stemmed from Masicka’s album 438, the biggest album and most streamed for the year.

Dancehall fans’ curiosity was piqued when Jada sent out a bunch of shots at Stefflon Don, claiming that she slept with a variety of male artists, including Tory Lanez, Dexta Daps, and gave oral sex to Masicka, and Drake.

“You ah the only girl mi hear say give weh free f**k, Masicka and Tory Lanez come inna yuh mouth/ Drake never gi you the song but you give him a good s**k,” Jada sang in the song “Steff Lazarus.”

It seems that Masicka’s longtime girlfriend Candice has reacted to the mention. She reposted a TikTok video to her IG story, making social media users believe she was referring to the song reference. The caption on the original video said, “Masicka gf to Jada Kingdom after she call his name in her song.”

“Don’t f*** with my food,” the audio said.

Many felt that the song reference would make Masicka’s girlfriend pressure him, but of course, all is fair in love and war, and everything in the clash songs may not be accurate, particularly the claim about Masicka and Stefflon Don.

Masicka and Candace IG

In another story, Candice seemed tickled by the diss.

“Jada u don’t know ya limit,” she wrote with an angry and laughing emoji. Masicka has not reacted to the lyrics, nor has Stefflon Don, because it’s probably not true.

In the meantime, the song has 20 million views on YouTube.