Man admits to raping Friend’s Underage Daughter

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A 32-year-old man has pleaded guilty to having ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’ with a 14-year-old girl about three years ago.

The accused, at the age of 29, raped the minor – the daughter of a man he befriended for about 10 years – on March 20 2019.

The defendant visited the home every day before heading out to work. He became a close friend of the family and even attended family gatherings.

One day, while going through the young girl’s cellular phone, the parents found sexual messages between him and the young girl.

They spoke to the daughter and discovered that the accused had been having sexual intercourse with their child right under their noses.

The father contacted the accused who is said to have apologised profusely while in tears.

However, this did not stop the irate father from reporting the matter to the police.

The man was charged with rape and having unlawful sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16, both of which he initially denied.

Last week, he was put on trial to answer to the charges before a judge and jury.

But after hearing testimonies from the child’s parents and the doctor, the accused decided to change his plea, and admitted to the latter charge which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

Justice Ann-Marie Smith then advised the jury to return the corresponding verdict.

The paedophile did not have an attorney but was assisted by a lawyer from the country’s Legal Aid Department, who asked for the accused to remain on bail until sentencing.

The judge granted the request and also ordered a probation report.

The accused will be sentenced on January 19 2023.