LETTER: ABLP Has Destroyed Our Beautiful Islands!!

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

ABLP Has Destroyed Our Beautiful Islands!!

Antigua and Barbuda I cry for you, my insides are tearing up to see how the ABLP has given away every piece of our land to outsiders. We are left with nothing, our youths are lost without hope, they’ve convinced our children that all they’re worth is to smoke their life away and beg for their next meal.

The level of disrespect that indigenous Antiguans have endured at the hands of Gaston and his government is heart breaking, his lack of love and compassion for us speaks volume. He could care less whether we live or die as Antiguans, as long as his Syrians, Chinese and now Africans are well taken care of and given all the contracts to make them millionaires it’s ok.

Look at how he use our commonwealth brothers and sisters against us, meanwhile feeding them the same poverty stricken meals to keep them under his thumb, we as a people both Antiguans/Barbudans and our commonwealth brothers and sisters don’t even know the potential we have to win if we just stand together and save this nation.

How can one government be so greedy, self-serving and wicked to its own people? This is not the ALP that Papa Bird built, he loved this country, he loved his people he would never subject us to such hardship and displacement. Can you imagine inviting Africans to come and take over our Island? A people who’s survival methods will destroy our entire being.

What are our kids to do, what is left for the young people to look forward to ? Handouts and kissing politicians to get where they need to be? Look at the level of wealth the entire cast of ABLP has amassed in as little as 10 years! Their kids, grand kids and great grandkids are millionaires, all gained on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans because we think so little of ourselves.

I’m begging you Antiguans to vote for a change, vote for enrichment, vote for our youths! We cannot do another five years under Gaston, we will all become the slaves and poorest of the poor if we vote these people back in!

Please vote as if your life depends on it because it does, even if it’s a dog you vote for they’ll have more compassion for Antigua people and the people of the commonwealth than ABLP. We were the top country in the Caribbean up to 12 years ago and in less than 10 years ABLP has dinked us to the bottom. Infrastructure, development, cleanliness and Beauty allllll the other Caribbean Islands have surpassed us. 

Tourism will no longer be our main industry because our Island no longer offers the safety and beauty we’ve grown so accustomed to selling, my people Please wise up and vote for a well needed change in this our poor dwindling country. My commonwealth brothers and sisters stop allowing yourself to be used by these politicians because you will suffer just like us Antiguans and Barbudans when it comes down to the final analysis. 

We cannot weep no more, our hearts are broken it’s time to take back our peace, our pride, our COUNTRY!!!!!