Law Reform Commission essential to modern Guyana: President Ali

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

President Dr Irfaan Ali emphasised the importance of a functioning Law Reform Commission in the building out of a modern Guyana during the swearing-in of a new chair of the commission today.

The Head of State said that “Guyana’s current and future development ties into the need for modern legislation”, especially since the advancement of partnerships and cooperation between companies and countries must be done under the right legal basis.

Laws, he added, are necessary to advance, support and protect the development process.

The President spoke about the dynamic and ever-changing nature of society and the need to make necessary reforms to the legislative architecture to protect the explosive development and to be responsive to modern justice demands.

“This Law Reform Commission is critical to what we are doing as a developing country.”

He told the commission members, including new chair, Attorney at Law Emily Dodson that “there is a lot of work ahead”.

The commission, he added, has the authority to make recommendations for new legislation and amendments, allowing the country to keep abreast with developments while supporting a modern legal framework.

Dodson, who will serve as chair for the next three years, previously served as a member of the commission under the chairmanship of Retired Justice of the Appeal Court, Beasraj Singh Roy.

Additionally, President Ali administered the Oath of Office to former Member of Parliament and indigenous rights advocate, Lenox Shuman, who will also serve the Law Reform Commission for three years.

In extending his congratulations to Dodson and Shuman, President Ali underscored his confidence in the Commission continuing its work and delivering exemplary service.

He said with the years of experience and skills of the commissioners combined, Guyana can return to being a celebrated country in the legal sector. The members, he said, are well positioned to deliver what is required of them to make their work impressionable.

The other Commissioners are Teni Housty, Deenawati Panday and Clarissa Riehl. They were sworn in on August 11, 2021.

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