Historic Brunch De Noel at the museum Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

It was a night at the museum with a difference on the evening of January 1, 2023. And those who attended Brunch De Noel at the Barbados Museum on New Year’s Day would attest to enjoying an unforgettable party with non-stop vibes.

Although rain dampened the grassy lawns at the Dalkeith Road location, the strategically placed stepping stones throughout the venue still allowed patrons a good vantage point of the stage as well as room to gleefully express themselves on the night.

The food-inclusive event offered a variety of dishes to suit almost every palate. From mini ham-cutters, beef sliders and waffle cone chicken for meat lovers, to a vegetarian pasta station and Bajan corn meal bakes for those who were not lovers of meat. There was also a breadfruit bowl option with a choice of saltfish buljol, pickled pigtails and stewed lamb as fillings.

Much like the menu, the deejay line-up also provided a steady and varied flow of music for all tastes. These included Sheldon Papp and Chasey, Big Mike & Evolution and Level Vibes, among others. The deejays touched almost every genre as they took turns on their wheels of steel.

The live entertainment segment took the party vibes at the event up another notch. Red Plastic Bag had the boat rocking and even climbed from the elevated stage and joined those who braved the damped lawn to party. The dynamic duo of Mole and Bruce Lee Almightee brought the bashment vibes and the crowd seemed like it could not get enough of this entertaining pair.

Coopa Dan encouraged the girls to get short and made his customary query concerning the girth of their derrieres while Jus D got an enthusiastic response when he asked them to “raise yuh hand if yuh don’t need a manager”. Shaquille’s smooth vocals were also well received and as usual Leadpipe and Saddis delivered an energetic set with a mixture of their hits, both recent and seasoned.

The fete on New Year’s evening provided patrons with hours of quality food and entertainment. Many took advantage of the on-site photo nook to capture the memorable moments at Brunch De Noel, as they closed out the first day of 2023 in high spirits.