Halle Bailey and DDG Christmas Video Stirs Rumors She Gave Birth

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Fans speculate that Halle Bailey and DDG are new parents after photos surfaced on Tuesday showing the Little Mermaid actress’ flat stomach for the first time in months.

Fans speculated that the actress was pregnant after she was spotted out multiple times wearing big dresses and posting pictures from behind, hiding her stomach. The actress posted a video showing her and DDG making cookies, but many thought that the way she stood up, as well as her breasts, somehow meant that she had recently given birth.

“She had the Baby…I know that “post-pregnancy get up” anywhere, lol,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Lmao she def had the baby cuz now all of a sudden she wanna show her stomach,” another fan commented.

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The comments were mainly coming from female fans who claimed they have children and know how a woman who recently gave birth behave. Still, not all fans were convinced and urged others to respect Halle Bailey’s decision to keep her private life private.

“Coming from a woman with two kids, she definitely had a baby them stitches ain’t no joke when you getting up or laughing feel like DEATH but her life her privacy when she is ready to share that moment with us she will kids are are so precious my be she just wants that moment to herself for a while,” another said. “DATS THAT BODY HURTIN BIGG PAD GRANNY PANTY MOVEMENT DER,” another said.

Fans have been speculating for months that Halle Bailey is pregnant after seemingly posting old photos to her social media accounts. She was also seen wearing big dresses covering her stomach from prying eyes.

Some fans have speculated that she’s kept her pregnancy a secret because of the Disney deal, which saw her starring as the Little Mermaid, a glass ceiling moment as she is the first black actress to cover the role. There was much backlash from racists who protested and boycotted the movie due to Halle’s race. However, the film was still a massive success, selling $298 million domestically and $569 million worldwide.