Drake and 50 Cent Reacts To Rick Ross Getting Jump In Canada

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Rick Ross was punched in the face, and one of his security guards and his DJ were severely beaten up by fans of Drake over alleged disrespect by the “Aston Martin Music” singer.

Rick Ross was in Vancouver to perform at the Ignite Music Festival. All went well during the show, but it appears that his decision to close out the show with Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Not Like Us” did not sit well with more than a dozen Drake fans. They waited for the rapper backstage and allegedly formed a human wall to block them in and attack them.

The concert ended around 10:30 p.m., and videos show the moment things escalated as an argument erupted between Ross’ entourage and the Drake fans. In a video, Ross is seen surrounded by several people. A Caucasian man with a faded hairstyle throws the first punch at Ross, which connects before hell breaks loose and men on both sides square up.


Rick Ross is quickly ushered to the side while a tall, stocky security guard tackles the man who punched Ross. However, he is no match as half a dozen or more men surround him and throw punches. At another point, Ross appears to back up his security and others, including his DJ, join the fray. However, the men block in Ross and his men, and as his security falls to his knees, two men are seen kicking him to the face while another deals him some gut punches.

Another video also shows a man with long dreadlocks knocked out cold on the ground. Onlookers expressed concern for the man and said he might need medical attention. Ross’ security also valiantly gets up after being punched.

“What’s up the dog, you in our city?” one of Drake’s fans is heard saying while another taunts Ross, “Every day I’m hustling,” referencing Ross’ track.

In the meantime, Ross told TMZ that he loved the city of Vancouver and that he’ll be back. On the other hand, Rick Ross’ baby mother, Tia Kemp, also reacted to the video.

“Get uppppppp… they had to pick dawggg up like a baby!!” she wrote in a comment under No Jumper’s post. She added, “U got knocked tf outtt.”

On Instagram Live, she also trolled the father of her child. “Your fat a** ain’t throwing no blow… you stood your scary a** back. I’m glad they smack the sh*t outta yo *tch a**,” Tia commented on the fight.

50 Cent, who has also been beefing with Rick Ross, also reacted to the entire thing. “My guess is ya won’t be going back to Canada ?? acting like it ain’t what it is,” 50 Cent wrote.

50 Cent also trolled Ross as he seemingly made a hasty retreat while his men were beaten up.


Although Drake hasn’t officially reacted, he liked Akademiks’ post of the fight.

50 Cent shared an hilarious video of himself speaking about the situation. “I just saw a very unfortunate situation that took place in Canada,” the G-Unit rapper said. “I wanted to say to everyone, you know, that I hope that that brother made it home safely. I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world. That part where the young guy, he did this little move and shit and he got knocked the fuck out right there, that does not reflect him. That reflects his camp and he might need to go get the Dreamchasers or, um, the 305 Killers.”

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