DJ Akademiks Shares Diddy Cut Yung Miami Off In Heated Twitter Spat

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Yung Miami and Akademiks’s beef has gotten nasty as the latter refers to her and her boyfriend Diddy as Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell following damaging sexual assault allegations made against Diddy.

Akademiks has been feuding with Yung Miami for a while now, and it seems that since the allegations against Diddy, he has been firing off at her, although he’s not taking that same energy to Diddy.

Yung Miami and Armon Wiggins went at it on Tuesday night after he claimed that she failed at everything in life. The City Girls rapper also dropped Akademiks’ name in one of her latest songs and during her argument with Wiggins, he accused her of taking her anger towards Akademiks out on him.

Akademiks later jumped in, attacking her over the Diddy allegations and urging her and Diddy to respond to him.

“Hello Caresha. We been waiting for u. Watever you can say bout me I don’t explained already. When ur n***a that p**s in ya face finna respond tho? U been diddy side b**ch till now…. U ain’t claiming no more. Where ya sign at?” he said in one tweet.

In other tweets, he wrote, “Dam … Shordy dissed me 3 months too late with a wack bar. The blogs and ppl who use to jack her was roasting her. She don’t want no smoke wit me. Her rap career is done. We just wanna hear bout her getting peed on by Diddy. Has she been in dem freak offs or na?”

In another tweet, he wrote, “Don’t let her talk that money talk wit u. N***a why she ain’t get on that wit me when I was violating. N***a only way on earth she got more bread than BIG AK is if she got it by selling that 30 year old P***Y to PUFF DADDY. A whole billionaire.”

Miami also responded to him, “Get in the field or STFU P*SSY N***A.”

In another tweet, she added, “You think Santana had you crying b**h a** n***a @akademiks come outside we ain’t gone jump you.”

Akademiks replied, “U A WOMAN CUT IT OUT. None of Y’all ain’t doing nothin to no one. STOP all that tough talk. Y’all got a history of getting B***ED. Ya gay friend got a leg shot and cried on camera talmbout ‘I’m a. Celebrity:’ Don’t move tough…u got NO history of violence.”

Yung Miami also posted a screenshot from Akademiks’ tweets in 2018, where he said, “Bhad Babbie got mad titties for a 15 year old.” She captioned the screenshot, “Stop talking to me about diddy b***h talk to him big back b***h you addressing me so I’m addressing YOU PERVERT A** B***H YOU A F**KING CREEP!!!!! You ain’t better than the next b***h weirdo! Lets talk about you, you sick b***h.”

Yung Miami and Diddy were spotted together up to weeks leading up to the lawsuit brought against him by Cassie Ventura. However, they have not been seen together, and Yung Miami has not spoken about Diddy since the lawsuits were filed.

DJ Akademiks also claimed that the Bhad Babbie tweet was fake and made the obscene allegation that she was a victim of Diddy’s and that she was part of “freak offs” set up by Diddy. Freak offs were mentioned by Cassie’s lawsuit that Diddy organized and paid for male prostitutes to have sex with her while he watched.

“This fake u f**king moron. Do u use Google or u can’t type just like u don’t write ur lyrics. ADDRESS UR N***A PAYING $50 MILLION to CASSIE cuz he allegedly had 50 n****s running trains while he jerking off in the corner. U getting pissed on. HOW MANY N*****S F*** U IN THE FREAK OFF CARESHA?”

In another tweet, he asked, “U ain’t finna get online and get loud wit sh*t when ur groupie a** was holding up a sign for a n***a who paid out $50 million for freak offs. U sh*t permanently on quiet. $50 mil? Man shut tf up… n go sell that 30 year old p*ssy to help mans get his bread back. U better be the freak off MVP.”

Yung Miami also responded, writing: “NO, YOU THE GROUPIE D*CK SUCKING A** B***H IMMA TALK CRAZY TO YOU ALL THE F**K I WANT WHAT YOU GONE DO!!! @Akademiks B***H YOU KEEP TALKING ABOUT DIDDY B***H DIDDY DIDNT MAKE ME I BEEN HAD MY OWN AND HOLD MY OWN F**K IS YOU TALKING BOUT!!! I don’t need a n****a for sh*t p*ssy a** n***a f**k is you talking bout!”

The tweets do not end there as the two continued into Wednesday, with Akademiks referring to Yung Miami as operating as Ghislaine Maxwell, insinuating that she was procuring victims for Diddy.

Diddy has not responded to the latest chattings coming from Akademiks. The Bad Boy producer and former label boss has publicly denied all of the sexual assault allegations, including the claims made by Cassie.