Constituency Chairpersons Voice Support For Allen Chastanet As UWP Leader – St. Lucia Times

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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On Tuesday, a group of United Workers Party (UWP) Chairpersons presented a joint statement expressing support for Allen Chastanet as party political leader.

Angus Jn Baptiste, Chairman of the Soufriere-Fond St Jacques Constituency Group, read the  support statement on behalf of the group.

The statement praised the former Prime Minister’s incomparable hard work and dedication.

“During his tenure as can be seen as Prime Minister and as is well known and over the past years to present, he has shown that his drive, hard work and dedication are incomparable,” Jn Baptiste’s statement, which he explained was on behalf of the Chairpersons of the UWP, said.

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“Most of all, we support his political vision and his expert handling of the many issues that plague our country today, particularly with this lame government,” Jn Baptiste said regarding Chastanet.

His comments came amid persistent reports of internal wrangling within the UWP as it heads into its convention in April.

However, Jn Baptiste explained that the democratic process allows for differing views.

In this regard, he noted that internal debate and robust discussion could seem divisive to an onlooker.

But the UWP official noted that a political party is constantly evolving, reevaluating, and reviewing itself.

“If this is not happening, you have a stagnant political organisation,” Jn Baptiste asserted.

“We cherish the values and principles of our party, and even more importantly, we stand by the will of the majority, which is an essential in every democracy,” he declared.

He said the UWP is always guided by the sentiments, wishes, and needs of its membership and makes every effort to obtain their views while professionally representing them.

And Jn Baptiste declared that the UWP is Saint Lucia’s preferred political party.

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