Coast guard arrests suspected drug traffickers after high-seas chase Loop Cayman Islands

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Three men were taken into custody as the coast guard foiled an attempt at sea to smuggle packages of illicit drugs into the Cayman Islands on the weekend.

The men were held following a chase at sea, which saw the suspected drug boat ramming the coast guard vessel in an attempt to evade capture.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, On Sunday, 12 February, while engaged in border protection patrols to the south of Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands Coast Guard was alerted to the presence of a single vessel of interest travelling towards the island.

When approached, the vessel of interest increased its speed and attempted to evade the CICG vessel, resulting in a chase.

During the chase, officers onboard the CICG vessel observed that a number of packages were being thrown into the ocean by persons onboard the vessel being followed. As the CICG closed the distance between them, the operator of the vessel being followed attempted to evade capture by running his vessel into the side of the CICG vessel on three occasions.

The vessel was eventually stopped and the occupants — three males — were questioned as to their actions.

During this time, the drug boat began taking on water and eventually sunk. Having been taken onboard the CICG vessel, the men were subsequently arrested on suspicion of being concerned with the importation of controlled drugs into the island and were then transported to shore and handed over to RCIPS.

The men were subsequently taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, as they reported having injuries.

With the assistance of the RCIPS Air Operations Unit, a number of packages were recovered from the ocean and subsequently handed over to the RCIPS.

All three men were examined at the Cayman Islands Hospital, and released later that night. They remain in custody pending further investigation by the police.

The CICG vessel involved in the chase, although sustaining some damage, remains operational. No crewmembers sustained serious injuries.