Christlyn Moore to chair new TRHA board

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

New chairman of the Tobago Regional Health Authority, Christlyn Moore. FILE PHOTO –

ATTORNEY and former People’s Partnership Minister of Justice Christlyn Moore has been appointed chairman of the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA).

This was revealed by THA Secretary of Health, Wellness and Social Protection Faith BYisrael as she named members of the newly minted board, who received their instruments of appointment last Friday.

Other board members are deputy chairman Dhanique Jerry and members Alana Alleyne, Dr Bridgette Edmund-Benoit, Yvette Parks-Caruth, Nkosi Dick, McKay-Prince Martin, Karen Moore-Nicholson and Sangeeta Siew. Simon Wilshire is an ex-officio member.

This board will serve for two years.

The authority had been operating without a board for some time. Questioned on the Tobago Updates morning show, over the length of time it took for the boards’ appointment, BYisrael said, “It took a while to get the board because I wanted to get the best group of individuals I could find to represent Tobago, to represent Tobago’s interest and to represent the various components that make up the board.”

BYisrael said she had seen on several occasions previous boards made questionable decisions and wanted this board to be different.

“I wanted to ensure the board of the Tobago Regional Health Authority is one that will not make such decisions, is one that a group of competent people who really understand where we are now but probably more importantly where we need to go as it relates to providing health services on the island.”

The Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection held a board-induction exercise with all stakeholders from January 25-27.

BYisrael addressed policy direction, health care, governance and management of the TRHA.

Simon Wiltshire, the TRHA CEO, presented on the current position of the TRHA to the board, and all executive managers presented their reports and challenges.

Administrator Denese Toby Quashie presented on reporting lines, the role of the administrator as head accounting officer, public service regulations and the relationship between the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection and the TRHA.

Moore was the political leader of the Tobago Forwards until she resigned in October 2020.

During the lead up to the 2017 THA elections, Moore attracted controversy when she told Tobagonians that Trinidadians were coming to the island to influence the elections. She said hoteliers should put Visine in the water to get the visiting Trinis ill. She later said she was joking.