Chrisean Rock Had Crowd Chant ‘Free Blueface’ On His 27th Birthday

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface is getting a lot of love from his baby mother, Chrisean Rock, who spent the latter part of 2023 telling the rapper “f**k Blueface” and bashing him as a father. Now, it seems that she’s had a change of heart that he’s in jail.

On Friday, Rock made a series of emotional posts, and Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, is not here for it as she says Chrisean is terrible for her son. Karlissa has blamed Rock for her son being in prison as he was arrested due to his fight with Chrisean at the end of December. The rapper is being held for violating his probation condition.

On Twitter, Chrisean Rock wrote, “I’m locked up too I’m waiting for Daddy.” She also posted what seems to be a throwback video of her and Blueface. “#freeblueface I love you,” she wrote.

Karlissa, however, was not feeling the posts as she bashed Rock on Instagram and told her to stay away from her son. Rock also shouted out Blueface at her concert on Saturday night as she called for him to be freed. Rock also wished Blueface a happy birthday.

Blueface mugshot

“Happy birthday Daddy freeeee youuuuuu #freeblueface @bluefasebabyy,” she said in a video.

As for Blueface, jail doesn’t seem to bother him as he popped up on Twitter asking, “Free me or keep me?” His mother was more sentimental as she wished him a happy birthday and shared some throwback photos of him as a baby. “Happy Birthday, son I’m so sorry you not out here to enjoy it but God got better days ahead. His grade is sufficient,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

In the meantime, fans of Chrisean shared disappointment at her latest posts. “Chrisean needs to get a life, like For God’s sake no matter how much we try to disagree, Blue Face loves Jaidyn and will always pick her and that’s what Chrisean refuses to understand. Please Stop posting Chrisean She’s irritating and we’re sick of her. T for thanks,” one person wrote.

Another said, “Chrisean d!sgusts the sh!t outta me. She’s the slowest de@d be@t on the planet. Like what makes you think that when he comes outta jail he’s gonna come to you?!!! The possibility of Blueface deciding to change his life for once and be a better man just so he could win Jaidyn back is really high.”

“What happen to suave,” another fan asked.