Chris Brown Shares Photo After Stalker Ran Chevy Truck Over A Tesla

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

It’s hardly a secret that Chris Brown has some of the best fans, but some are also downright stalkers who would go to great lengths to see or meet the R&B singer.

In a new incident, the Breezy singer shared that a stalker caused a terrible accident near his property over the weekend and cashed and destroyed a Tesla motor car. On his Instagram account, Chris Brown shared a photo of a white Chevy pick-up truck somehow resting on a white Tesla motor car. It’s obvious that the truck would have had to, at some point, be in the air before landing on the Tesla.

Chris Brown, however, shared that the damaged car does not belong to him. “Bruh [eyes emoji] wtf?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS PEOPLE REALLY FRIED,” he wrote on his IG Story.

“Another stalker … this time these folks done ran into somebody sh*t… sh*t look like the Hulk just placed this truck on top this Tesla,” Breezy added.

In another Story, Brown wrote, “these ain’t my cars in that picture… this crazy person ran into the truck! I know the owner had to come outside the next morning like wtf.”

It’s unclear if the crash took place on Brown’s property, but this isn’t the first incident that he has dealt with a crazy fan. Earlier this year, the “Forever” singer reported that a woman had visited his San Fernando Valley home more than ten times without an invitation.

The woman was not arrested by the LAPD as she disappeared by the time cops responded.

In 2020, the artist also shared that a woman was caught trying to enter his compound despite seeing him and his vicious dogs.

A woman had also broken into his home back in 2015, stripped naked, and waited in the artist’s home for him. She was later arrested and placed on a $50,000 bond.