Chris Brown Rub Shoulders With Quavo At Fashion Show, Reignites Feud

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Chris Brown and Quavo are nowhere near making peace with each other.

The R&B singer says he’s not risking his business relationships by getting into another brawl with the former Migos rapper as the two were seen sitting side by side at a fashion show in Paris on Sunday.

In 2017, Brown and Quavo and the other Migos, including Offset and late rapper Takeoff, were involved in a massive brawl at the BET Awards. The brawl was reportedly due to Quavo and Chris ending up in a confrontation over his then-ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The two had broken up in 2015 after he had his daughter Royalty with another woman, but a jealous Brown did not like her being linked to Quavo.

It seems Chris Brown doesn’t care much, or he might be ensuring that his ‘bag’ isn’t affected by brawling in Paris. On Sunday, fans reacted to seeing him and Quavo sitting side by side at the Rhude fashion show in Paris, and they both appeared to be minding their own business. Many found the sight strange, given the last time they were seen in proximity to each other.

Chris Brown is seen wearing a leather jacket, grey shirt, brown pants, and yellow hat while watching the show. Quavo, on the other hand, is seen fully occupied by his phone. Rapper DDG is also seen next to Quavo, appearing very nervous and uneasy.

Despite that, nothing seemed to happen as the men ignored the show and focused on each other. Fans were shocked at the level of maturity exhibited by both.

“Allegedly Chris Brown isn’t f*cking with Quavo, but he was mature enough to tolerate him at a recent fashion show,” one person tweeted.

Another tweeted, “2024 really started with Chris Brown and Quavo sitting side by side watching a fashion show OMG.”

Quavo and Chris Brown at PFW

Another wrote, “Do y’all remember when Quavo and migos tried to jump Chris brown bc he didn’t say hi to them in the club? Mind you he didn’t even see them he hurt they lil egos, well this Chris and Quavo yesterday, and y’all say Chris isn’t mature.”

Chris also caught wind of the internet’s reaction and popped up to remind fans that he is not mature, but he isn’t jeopardizing his money over a petty beef.

“Can’t pick who u sit by. F**k all that growth sh*t”. n***ga not finna fumble my bag for little n***as,” he wrote in a comment response on Instagram.

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Quavo has not reacted to the viral video. Since his break up with Saweetie, he has been seen out with Karrueche on vacation several times. However, there are reports that they are good friends and aren’t dating.