Cash Plus’ about turn in court


The application made by Cash Plus Limited to the Supreme Court to determine whether their activities fall under the Securities Act, was discontinued on Wednesday, after presiding judge, Justice Patrick Brooks, was advised by the attorney

Animal feed drives egg prices higher


The country’s already consumers will be dealt another body blow shortly when the prices of eggs is likely to surge. The price of food contributes almost 40 per cent of the weights assigned to basic basket of 485 items used to measure t

Inflation virus zips to 12-year high


 The spreading inflation virus zipped to a 12-year high of 17 per cent as at the end of the last calendar year, with the bulk of these increases taking place between September and December. This was mainly due to galloping food and

Poverty declines marginally


By Durrant Pate
Senior Staff Reporter

The incidence of poverty in Jamaica has declined by half of a per cent and is now at it lowest ever at 14.3 per cent.

 The latest Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions (JSLC) 2006