Caribbean Agency Delivers Swifter Justice in The Bahamas

The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

Judicial officers in The Bahamas have taken major steps towards a more modern, technology-enabled system of administration.

A new agreement between the Bahamas Government and the Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions will see the introduction of electronic filing and automated case management technology, making the dispensation of justice more efficient and effective for all users.

“As a judiciary, we are committed to ensure that there will always be full access to justice for our citizens, regardless of their need. In this way, we will ensure, as our advancements in technology progress, they will be available for all,” said Sir Ian Winder, Chief Justice of The Bahamas, speaking on January 11 at the ceremonial opening of the law term in Nassau.

The agreement was formalised on December 22, 2022. The Caribbean Agency for Justice Solutions (CAJS) is a regional organization dedicated to promoting access to justice, improving the quality of justice services.

The agency’s integrated e-filing and case management solution, called Curia, is currently deployed in the Bahamas Industrial Tribunal, and will next be deployed in the Supreme Court, the Magistrate’s Court and the Court of Appeal. It is expected to bring several additional benefits, including enhanced performance management for judicial administrators.

“The software is expected to have a transformative effect on our judicial system,” Sir Ian said.

Bevil Wooding, Executive Director of CAJS, expressed his commitment to supporting the judiciary and legal fraternity in The Bahamas, as in other judiciaries across the region.

“We look forward to strengthening our partnership with the Bahamian judiciary and deepening our ongoing collaboration.”

The agency has established a proven track record in several jurisdictions. Curia has already been deployed in the Courts of Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands and the Caribbean Court of Justice. On January 5, the Turks and Caicos Islands judiciary initiated a Curia deployment project, to introduce the technology to all of its courts.

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