Bandits mark barbershop for robbery

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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BANDITS made off with an estimated than $30,000 in cash and items from patrons at a Duke Street, Port of Spain, barber shop on Saturday night.

The four victims – a 28-year-old man of Haig Street, Carenage, a 24-year-old man of Clifton Street, Port of Spain, a 31-year-old man of Bagatelle, Diego Martin and a 25-year-old man of Norfolk Street, Belmont – were all at the barber shop when two men, one armed with a gun, entered and announced a hold up.

The victims were relieved of a gold chain valued $8000 and $1000 cash; two gold rings with a total value of $17000; a Samsung A71 cell phone valued $2400, and $1600 cash and an Iphone 11 valued $3500.

The bandits then escaped heading west along Duke Street and jumping into a car. In the escape, two stolen phones – an IPhone 11 and an Iphone 6 from an unknown victim fell out the car.