Alkaline Announces 6-track EP titled ‘The Ripple EFFX’ Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Reggae-dancehall artiste Alkaline announces 6-track EP to close out 2022 after a summer filled with successes in music and fashion.

Two months ago, when recording artiste Alkaline released Seh We Great, compiling his past, present, and future self, he sought to re-establish and elevate the discourse in the genre, and across many social spheres.

Still enjoying the successes from a light performance-filled year with his staple event, “New Rules Festival,” returning home to Kingston, Jamaica, Alkaline irrefutably continues to hold a grasp on his genre.

His summer of successful transitions into the cooler climes with The Ripple EFFX.

The six-track EP, which is executively produced by Kereena Beckford and partnered track producers, namely Autobamb, Studio Vibes, Samuel Conturo, Esron Spielberg, and Clap Seven Records, captures 2022 succinctly.

The effort put into the debut The Ripple EFFX, landed the Formula deejay at #1 and #2 on the Billboard Reggae Album charts, respectively, in addition to other notable global placements.

“The Ripple EFFX will further demonstrate his creativity, growth, and unforgettable presence as a lyricist, guaranteed to secure all the accolades attributed to his debut project even more”, according to Beckford, who doubles as Alkaline’s manager.

Fans can now view the visuals for the single Profile, which was produced by Troyton Rami Music, Black Shadow, and Autobamb Records on the artiste’s official YouTube account.

The animated visuals which amassed close to half a million views on YouTube sets the tone for an official video release.

The Ripple EFFX is now available for pre-order, while the project is slated for release on all platforms in six days.

Great streaming numbers

With one of the most loyal fan bases in the genre’s modern history, Alkaline has comfortably reigned supreme at the top of the streaming charts.

In 2022 as Spotify celebrated its first anniversary in Jamaica, the platform named the Formula deejay as the most streamed artiste in the region.

His 2021 YouTube data similarly positioned him among the top-tier acts in the genre, with other digital service providers’ data reflecting the same.

An International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Engaging with Music 2022 study placed reggae-dancehall music in the top 10 most listened-to music genres: out of more than 500 genres worldwide.

Alkaline has consistently rivalled his peers with fewer appearances, singles, collaborations, and label support over the past five years.

As the artiste closes out in 2022, with approximately a quarter-billion streams for the year, it positions him yet again amongst the most listened-to act in Jamaica and the genre globally.

Beckford, (Alkaline’s manager) further added that the sole mission of the team is looking forward. “…we’ve always sought to look ahead, a new era – redefining the game – we have learned how to expand our digital footprint into a global marketplace and the result of this can be seen year after year based on the numbers. As an independent artiste, he comfortably outperforms his peers, and the best is yet to come.”

Upcoming performances

Alkaline will be in New York for Grammy-nominated artiste Movado’s birthday celebration on December 10, 2022, at Club Amazura in Queens, New York.

Other appearances will be announced in the coming days, as well as announcements from the New Era Productions team, announcing in the coming weeks details surrounding the 2023 staging of the New Rules Festival.

Pre-save The Ripple EFFX and Watch PROFILE Official Video.